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The 4th Generation Valtra A Series

Valtra tractors are known for their durability, versatility and reliability.  The latest addition to the stable, the 4th generation A Series, is a light and agile tractor which adapts well to a variety of work.  Being compact and with great manoeuvrability, it can be used for all kinds of farm, forestry and municipal work and is absolutely ideal for loader duties.

The Valtra A series tractor
The Valtra A series tractor

Valtra tractors are manufactured to perform consistently in the most challenging of working conditions and, with a heritage stretching back to the 19th century, they have always offered exceptional innovation in their product ranges.  A case in point is the latest model series, the Valtra A4 (75-130hp), which has won the illustrious Red Dot Design Award 2018 for the “Commercial Vehicles” category, acknowledging the superlative design quality of the series.

The design of the new A4 Series incorporates technical and style innovations from the award-winning 4th generations of the N and T Series. The A series is a truly multi-functional tractor designed to be suited to a wide variety of roles.  It has the power to pull a plough and the dexterity to feed your animals.  The uniquely designed 6 post cab allows for excellent all-round visibility, making it the perfect tractor for precision work.  The front loader is an integrated part of the tractor’s design, meaning that it has no effect on the tractor’s turning radius.  Added to that, it is easy to operate and, on a day to day basis, is low maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Excellent front-loader tractor with electric joystick
  • Excellent weight distribution ensures suitability for a range of applications
  • Long wheelbase for enhanced stability
  • Reliable three and four-cylinder engines 75-130hp
  • Top speed 40kph
  • Forward reverse power shuttle
  • Up to three rear spool valves
  • Up to 5200kg rear lift capacity
  • Easy maintenance

The Cab:

The cab features a unique A-pillar wedge design for ease of manoeuvrability and to ensure optimal forward visibility.  The curved windscreen and optional roof window facilitate an excellent view of the front loader and the sloping bonnet further enhances the front visibility.  The short roof and large rear window give wide-reaching visibility to the rear and details such as the 180 degree swivel seat can make all the difference to certain tasks.  The cab itself is compact but offers optimum space at shoulder height where it is needed, making the cab seem spacious and easy to work in.

the inside of the Valtra A series cab
Valtra A series cab

The robust build quality and excellent ergonomics keep vibrations and noise pollution to a minimum, making it a comfortable working environment.

The Controls:

A number of technical innovations and design features from the Valtra N and T Series are brought together in the A series.  One such feature is the range of dashboard displays which offer a combination of analogue dials and digital displays to show the range of working information.  Throttle and speed memory, linkage controls (rear linkage can lift up to 5.2 tonnes), pto engagement and four wheel drive are easily accessible on the side panel, whilst further controls are to be found on the B pillar and the gear lever is floor mounted.  There is an electric joystick mounted on the right armrest which is fitted as standard with the optional loader.  If required, a simpler mechanical joystick is available.  Third service and boom float buttons are found conveniently close to the joystick for ease of use.  All the models in the series are available with up to three rear spool valves and use an open centre hydraulic system.

Ease of use and functionality is core to the A series and all models are available with the Valtra PowerShuttle featuring the easy-to-use park position. The steering wheel is equipped with easy pedal tilt and gives easy access to the driver’s seat.  All models feature a de-clutch button on the gear lever, and a brake to neutral feature is also standard– ideal for loader duties as the clutch pedal is not required.

The Engine:

Dependent on what model you choose, The A series uses either 3.3 litre or 4.4 litre Agco Power engines which both meet stage 4 emissions regulations, giving you peace of mind that they are environmentally friendly whilst also offering fantastic overall fuel economy.  The engine also delivers high torque across a broad speed range.  The two-range, six-speed mechanical transmission is standard, offering 12 gears in forward and reverse and a top speed of 40kph.

In summary, the Valtra A series is very easy to handle and is great fun to drive, whilst being adaptable enough for most tasks.  If you have any questions about the range and whether the next generation of A series may be suitable for your needs do please give our sales team a call on 01606 592639 and they will do their best to help.


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